Rich Table props not working with JSON response

I can’t get the Rich table props to work even with a simple JSON array response though from my Data Fetch.

        "dateReceived": "2022-12-01",
        "depositAmount": 20,
        "depositToken": "ETH",
        "usdAtDeposit": 22054.54,
        "currentBalance": 10,
        "currentBalanceUSD": 12054.32
        "dateReceived": "2022-01-01",
        "depositAmount": 25,
        "depositToken": "ETH",
        "usdAtDeposit": 22054.54,
        "currentBalance": 27,
        "currentBalanceUSD": 22054.54

Rich Tables looks like it will be awesome but I can’t get it to data bind.

What is Customize d...? Any way to see that where it’s not cut off?