Routing issue with 404 pages

I have a question about routing and 404-pages.
My website uses next.js and everything is rendered perfectly, using [slug]. For example i have “” it works fine. But every page is rendered, so if I use some url that should not exist, for example “” it doesn’t show me a 404-page but instead shows a page with fallback- or demo content.
I get that this is due to "fallback: “blocking” in getStaticPaths but what do I have to do, to get proper 404 pages with urls that are not found?? What am I missing?

is your CatchallPage rendering error when no Plasmic content is found?

Thanks for your reply, it looks kinda similar on my end… so the 404 page should appear, I guess?

The demo site I talk about is:
feel free to test any non-existing page :smile:

ah, it’s because one of your pages is /[slug] so /lksjdflksdjl would be mapped to it

Yes, that’s correct!
What would be the best workflow with that? Is there any option that non-existing slugs (which do not occur in my CMS-database) are getting re-routed to a 404-page? Or would I just style a dummy-page listing “item not found” or something like that?

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

If the CMS entry were valid, the queryCache prop should be populated with data from the CMS. So you could peek in there; if there’s nothing related to the CMS entry, return a 404.

Alright I’m gonna try that. Thank you very much!!