Run Code action distortion in Interactions

There is a very strange issue with Run Code actions in Interactions where the code gets distorted as soon as a second run code action is added. See screenshot:

What happens is that once the second run code action is added, the first one loses certain characters… actually it seems to be losing the first and last characters.

I’ve been trying to figure out why my interactions weren’t working when I spotted this.

Actually, it happens also with a single action, more specifically after renaming the action. As soon as the action title is modified and I click outside of the edit field, the first and last characters of the code disappear.

Well, my entire project now crashed and burned and I have a feeling it’s related to the issue above. Nothing works anymore. :rage:

Hey Andrei. Sorry about this issue.
Can you DM me your project id?


I’m deploying the fix for this issue.

Thank you, is this related with the monaco editor issue where the cursor is sometimes offset by a few characters?

There are some major issues that prevent me from even viewing a previous version. I tried changing the page data query but I still cannot change the visibility of a hidden stack.



are you targeting an element state?

the query state I guess… isLoading

can you link me?

I DMed you

thanks; where’s the element that you’re trying to change the visibility for?

in Recipe page, it’s a hidden stack called Loading I tihnk

Seems to be back now

Anything I could have done on my end to fix it?

The query and dynamic parameters are back also

We were rendering the wrong tooltip there on the visibility section. We also deployed a fix on the data loading just now