Safari 14 rendering issues on images

@chungwu I have another render issue. (This time I am not using custom CSS :slightly_smiling_face:)
Plasmic URL:
This seems to be an issue only with safari version 14 and older… and for some reason, on iphone 12 pro, safari 14, the issue is not present.

If I remove the max-height on the component instance, the render glitch goes away, but the components also render way too tall… Seems like there are two issues:
• Image x-align / y-align is not applied properly when max-size
• Image takes up too much space, so text is cut off…

iphone 12, safari 14 — issue
iphone 12 mini, safari 14 — issue
iphone 12 pro, safari 14 — OK
iphone 13, safari 15 — OK

… do you have a compatibility list for Plasmic? Is iOS Safari 14 not supported, or is this just a bug?