Saving error, work disappearing.

Hello, I’m just getting started in Plasmic and running into some “save error” issues. I do a bunch of work and then it all disappears. Is there a reason why this is happening?

what’s the project ID?

Is that the name?

or the link to your project

do you know how to trigger the save error issues?

I’m not sure

It happens frequently and seems to be after I’ve done a larger amount of work

Perhaps working too quickly?

It’s also not clear that cmd+s is actually saving

When this error comes up, how much of your work does it lose? (You may occasionally get messages telling you to refresh plasmic Studio because of certain updates that require refreshes)

Plasmic should be auto saving continuously so that you never lose work, and command s doesn’t have any effect.

The past few times this was the scenario:

  1. I was adding color styles as tokens and rapidly copy pasting the hex from figma to plasmic. I’d get through doing 6 colors with 9 tints each and lose them all.
  2. Another was updating the avatar component, making a variant for each color with overrides and updating some of the nested instance and then lost it all (back to just the base)

I would love some help with Figma importing, if there’s someone on the team with time. I’m working on a screen with lots of components and not sure the best way to handle them in Plasmic. Particularly one that contains a lot of vector shapes

I similarly had some vector-intense Figma designs that would get stuck when exporting with the Figma to html/Plasmic plugin
• I ended up exporting a Figma version with placeholder rectangles, and then manually switching them out with uploaded vectors in Plasmic Studio

We have some heuristics for converting bunches of vectors in Figma into icons / images in Plasmic, but they are just heuristics… You may want to just paste the whole design into Plasmic, and also individually copy/paste the groups of vector drawings that should be an “icon” or an “image”, and then fix them up