Scroll overflow issue with custom components on Windows

Hello, I have an issue with my custom components having scroll overflow on X axis. I’ve figured out that this is caused by having width set as 100vw inside the component code and not through the design tab in studio. This issue is only present on windows, for comparison checked on macOS chrome and it was fine. Also for specific reasons my team has decided to not make this custom component support styling inside studio which would fix the issue by applying width “Full bleed”. Is there any other way to fix this?

Hello @content_rodent. Can you share me the project/page so I can take a closer look?

I’ve managed to fix this by replacing width: 100vw with

grid-column-start: 1 !important;
grid-column-end: -1 !important;
width: 100%;

I’ve noticed that plasmic applies these styles when setting full bleed, so applying them in my code fixed the issue.