Search prop for Product Collection not working

Hi, the search prop for Product Collection in Shopify commerce doesn’t seem to be working when I am querying from my own shopify store. It is working for the deafult placeholder collection provided. How can this be fixed?

Interesting, some questions to help debug this

When you select the product collection component in plasmic, do you see in the right sidebar controls the categories AKA collections from your store get listed?

Are your products all in a published state?

Are you able to double check that your store ID and token are correct?

Do you see any errors showing up in the console if you open the Chrome devtools console?

Yes the categories get listed.
All my products are ‘active’ if that is what you mean by published.
Store ID and token seem to be correct.
I am getting the following error in the deployed version


and a lot of errors on the localhost version

Hi! Were you able to look into this?

Sorry no I haven’t had time to look into this.

When you say it’s not working, what does that mean exactly?

can you see if you can reproduce this in a brand new plasmic project? A project with nothing else in it other than a broken Shopify product collection. If that doesn’t work then feel free to share the URL of that project.