Seeing an error in project, components not loading

hey team! i’m seeing an error in our project and components don’t seem to be loading. could this be on us?

Project ID rtzvtw2axQ7SgeniU8JFhT

I don’t see it on other “clean” projects so not sure if it is something we changed, or something specific to our project

maybe a bad plasmic_host change?

hmmm does seem like something strange going on with that app host… :thinking_face:

do you happen to be using React 18’s strict mode in the app host?

@chungwu thanks for the quick response!

no, we’re on React 17 and we don’t have strict mode enabled on our app

we also haven’t deployed any changes to the plasmic_host since yesterday, but only started noticing the error today :thinking_face:

we did run a deploy around the time our Studio users started complaining

the deploy didn’t do any plasmic_host changes (it was a plasmic sync), but it did update these two packages:

I think I’ve pinned it down to version v0.2.118 of the “@plasmicapp/react-web” package

if I use v0.2.117 it works fine! so will fix by rolling back to this version, but I think this may happen again when sync updates the packages again

wow, thanks! we’re still looking into this…

thank you!

I suspect that the problem may also go away if you also update to the latest /host and /query as well… :thinking_face:

@chungwu just tried it and i think you’re right

yeah, the classic duplicate npm package problem… You likely ended up with two copies of the /host package at different versions… We’re thinking about how to make this easier :thinking_face: