Seeing errors when opening project, not sure if due to code components

We’re seeing errors when opening our project (fy8EtwtQpAAT9acsimSA62). To me it’s not clear whether our custom components cause those or the studio does.

This happens in your registerComponent() call, specifying default slot content, where you are using an invalid type for an element (looks like your type is a object instead of a string?)

That’s easier to debug. Thank you!

I don’t understand yet, whats wrong.
I register the component like this:

export type SliderBaseProps = Partial<{
  marks: { value: SlideableNumber; label: string }[];


registerComponent(SliderBase, {
    name: "SliderBase",
    importPath: "./src/components/custom/SliderBase",
    isDefaultExport: true,
    displayName: "SliderBase",
    props: {
      marks: {
        type: "object",
        displayName: "Marks",
        defaultValue: [],
        description: "Object in the format of [{value: 10, label: '10%'}, {value: 50, label: '50%'}, {...}]",

It shows up in the editor and is configurable according to what I would expect after reading the Plasmic prop-type documentation.