Seeking advice on integrating React Table with Plasmic

We just started adding Tanstack’s React Table to Plasmic as an enhancement to Chakra UI Table component, but wanted to check-in just incase we are making the wrong choice. A few questions:

  1. Anyone used this before and can share experience?
  2. Is AG Grid a better choice or any other table library?
  3. Are complex tables libraries to much for Plasmic’s current abilities? ( I hope not as our webapp has a lot of tables)

I have never used Tanstack React table, so I am unable to answer 1 or 2, but about 3 looking into their docs it may require a special thought when registering component and hook/data providers so that you can still achieve the flexibility provided by TanStack and Plasmic.

So you feel confident we can use this - its just gonna “require a special thought”?

Yes, it can be a bit tricky as you need to think about how do you expose the hooks through components and at the same time you allow the UI to be customized in the studio