Seeking remote Plasmic developer for bug fixes.

Hi Everyone, we run a small software development team. We’ve built 2 web apps, healthcare and real-estate, using Plasmic. These are some bugs and issues and we’re looking for a Plasmic developer who can work remotely as part-time. Please let me know if you’re interested in. Thank you!

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Hello @deliberative_zebra ,

I would like to work as part time for any plasmic related project. I have been designing User inference in figma and converting them in plasmic. I create reusable component as in figma so that it will be easier to create pages .
Plus I am html/css expert so any UI related issues or you want me to design or convert into plasmic. I’ll be best person .

Let me know if you are interested. contact me

Hey @deliberative_zebra, nice to meet you!

You’re a small agency, we’re also relatively small - 25 people.

Not here to apply as dev, but to explore a potential collaboration. We do Plasmic, Bubble, integrations with all kinds of platforms, automations (Make, Zapier, n8n, Power Automate). Offices in France, Germany, Romania.

If that sounds interesting for you we could schedule an introduction call. Best!