script blocking Plasmic usage

When adding a script;

the Analytics.JS script (which plasmic also uses) in a custom embed html element…

I’m unable to use Plasmic anymore… An overlay appears over the screen and I just get errors:

Refreshing the page does not help… only removing the script.

Is there no way to add analytics or tracking scripts in the plasmic studio?
This is the final crucial step for me, because currently all our conversion tracking and analytics tracking runs through segment…

Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 6.28.33 PM.png

Yeah, I would say it’s rare and generally not encouraged to add analytics scripts this way, as opposed to properly adding them to your code base. The advantage to adding them to the code base is that you have site-wide instrumentation, it’s not just limited to your plasmic pages and can cover non-plasmic pages as well.

Hey @yang thanks for that, but I must say, Im using the plasmic studio and I dont have a codebase. From my understanding, we should be able to use plasmic without having a codebase is that correct?

It seems like this would be a bit much to have to set it up with code just to get my analytics to track. I think having the ability to add scripts into the head of a page or anywhere is one of the minimum capabilities that any page builder should have.

Is there another way this can be accomplished?

Completely agree with you, and I should have better qualified my original statement - given where plasmic studio is today, it’s rare and not yet recommended, but we definitely hope to in the long term make it easier to not need a code base.

Just wanted to highlight that this is currently already possible and the best approach is to do one-time plumbing set up in code!

Ah ok got it thanks for that clarification :smiley: