Select warns about specifying an aria-label

When i use Select component, it keep gives me a error message “If you do not provide a visible label, you must specify an aria-label or aria-labelledby attribute for accessibility” and sometimes "Prop tabIndex did not match. Server: “-1” Client: “0”
How do i fix it?

Hey @extra_yak! To get rid of the warning about label you can specify a aria-label attribute for the Select in the right sidebar.

Regarding the error with tabIndex, can you give more information about your dev setup? Are you using Next.js? SSG or SSR? Loader or codegen?

Thank you i could fix the first error.
For tabindex error, i am using nextjs.

How did you setup your Next.js project? Did you use create-plasmic-app? Are you using loader or codegen? Are the pages being generated using SSG or SSR?

some pages use getServerSideProps and i use vscode.