Self hosting Plasmic, framework choice, and code ownership

:wave: Hi everyone!

I am new to plasmic & I would really appreciate some support.
I have a lot of questions.

So, I am building my own saas multi-tenant crm + multi-tool kinda platform. I was using other solutions but plasmic gives me hope.

First, I wanna know , Is it possible to self-host plasmic & create my app on my server. Moreover, I am just bootstrapping so have no funds. Is there a catch If I use its free version or self-hosted version.

Second, Lately Ive been very confused between Vue, react & next to build my frontend & also help in backend if possible. So Which is the Best framework/language to use If I wanna create a Multi-Tenant system like Hubspot etc.

Third, Can I Own the code created from plasmic & self host wherever I want like on my own kubernetes cluster without any limitations for catch like number of visits.

Please help me out, I am kinda freaking out.