Send email from Plasmic App

Hello Team :wave: Is there a way to send email from Plasmic App? The use case is I want to send an email invite to other people to use my app.

Not at the moment :pensive: When you invite a user from the editor, Plasmic can send an email, but you don’t have much control over the email content right now

Oh how about via API?

Not at the moment… but just to gather requirements here - how are you thinking of using / kicking off emails?

Hello @chungwu , based from other no code tool, it’s usually a component like in a form of button where I can configure the to, from, body of the email. Which can query to get dynamic data from the database as well.

OK makes sense; so emails sent by users taking some action in the app?

Yes pretty much the same features with our existing components but has the ability to configure and send the email. :slight_smile: