Sending form details to an email

How can I send the form details to an email when I submit the form?

Hi Max, this is possible with the Zapier integration, you can automate the email submission in Zapier and pass the form details data from Plasmic to it

Is there documentation about this?

Yes, it’s here

I created the Zap webhook url.
But how do I integrate it in the “send” button?

You just need to add Zapier as the integration in a interaction, in the image was the on click of a button, but you can also do the on submit of a form

Captura de Tela 2023-12-12 às 10.47.32.png

Ok, I can make a zap that when someone submits the form that I receive an email.
But how can I see the content of the form?

You can do it by using dynamic values, in the zapier integration operation, you send the form data as part of the body

Captura de Tela 2023-12-12 às 10.59.02.png

Shit… I have 120 or so values

Do you have 120 states ?

Yes :smile:

It´s a order form

If they are all inside the form, it shouldn’t a problem as they all will be sent together, then in zapier you can look only to the ones you care