SEO monitoring tool issues due to Aug 7-14 changes.

Hi – we have a site that we haven’t pushed a new version to since early July, but it appears something changed during the week of Aug 7-14 on how our site renders. Perhaps the 2023-08-09 release?

Our SEO monitoring tool alerted us that spiders no longer see our page content/links and as such, the majority of the pages on our site are considered orphaned since the spiders can’t traverse page depth. Anyone else run into anything similar?

Hi @ingenuous_louse, are you able to debug the issue by seeing what the Google search Central tool says about an example missing page on your site? Does it show you any warnings or errors about crawling? That would be the source of truth that you would need to start with.

Are you also using nextjs revalidation, or how is the site getting updated?