SEO Performance of Plasmic Dynamic Pages

How well do plasmic dynamic pages perform for seo?
I need some dynamic pages to be generated based on my rest API data queries at page level. The data won’t change often so ssg or isr for those dynamic pages would be ideal.
I would ideally like to use plasmic hosting although would be ok with using nextjs deployed to vercel.
Any tips? Any experience doing similar here?

Hi, you should be able to use Page Metadata Override, to have different SEO settings in dynamic pages

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Thanks @fmota good to know that component exists, since it’s different than older documentation.

Can you explain what happens with dynamic pages when you deploy via plasmic hosting? Will a similar thing happen as it would in nextjs where those dynamic pages will be generated at build time (ssg / isg)? Or do I need to deploy to nextjs for those benefits?

Keen to know more about when ssg/isg will and won’t occur

Dynamic pages are going to served through ISG when you publish to plasmic hosting, if you require a different approach, you would need to deploy to vercel