SEO-related data dynamic page creation.

Does anybody know if there is a way to dynamically set SEO-related data on a page based on an HTTP API integration to manually create dynamic pages? Cannot see the option to do that here…



Hi, the page SEO pop up there doesn’t yet support dynamic values, but you can achieve this currently by inserting a Page Metadata Override component somewhere in your page, and referencing the data you want from there. Let me know if that unblocks you for now!

Do you think SEO-wise it could make more sense for us to hit an endpoint to create/update a CMS item instead of doing this? That’d be pretty straight forward for us too. Thanks! @yang

Sorry I don’t think I understand the question, would you mind explaining a bit more?

You can certainly use the plasmic CMS and it’s API to programmatically populate content that is structured content

This would be separate from the page builder

This is for a real estate marketplace where we’d like for each listing to have its own page indexed by Google for SEO purposes and trying to think what would be the way to get the best possible SEO benefits for each listing at [domain]/listing/[slug] @yang

You can use dynamic pages to generate a unique page per record filled with different data.

For the SEO, use the Page Metadata Override component to dynamically fill that in too (from the same data source).

For the data source, it can be anything, but you are free to use the built-in Plasmic CMS to store your content