Server Error on Plasmic Sync

Server Error
Error: PLASMIC: Failed to load render__jJy9h9Y2__T.js: ReferenceError: a is not defined
This error happened while generating the page. Any console logs will be displayed in the terminal window.
Call Stack
file:///Users/rjames/code/next-maintenance-logging/node_modules/@plasmicapp/loader-core/dist/loader-core.cjs.development.js (260:13)
file:///Users/rjames/code/next-maintenance-logging/node_modules/@plasmicapp/loader-react/dist/loader-react.cjs.development.js (971:31)
file:///Users/rjames/code/next-maintenance-logging/node_modules/@plasmicapp/loader-react/dist/loader-react.cjs.development.js (2273:54)
file:///Users/rjames/code/next-maintenance-logging/node_modules/@plasmicapp/loader-react/dist/loader-react.cjs.development.js (2322:19)

I made some changes to my pages from plaasmic studio and ran plasmic sync --porjects project_id and my code started throwing the above error

Meanwhile , I was initially having the below error before i ran into the above error

Error: Must specify a value prop for Pi
This error happened while trying to generate the page. Any console logs will be displayed on the terminal

Call Stack

Please any idea on how to fix these errors

can you link me to the project?

hmm looks like in the Select component, there’s a default Option without a value prop set. Deleting it should do the trick:

I deleted the entire selection component and the error persists.

@chungwu This error indicates that there is a reference to an undefined variable a in the render__D38EFupKWZL.js file. It is occurring within the Plasmic code, which is used for visual development of React components.

hmm I seem to be able to do a build fine with that project when I create it from npx create-plasmic-app@latest

Yes I can do a build as well. When I attempt to npm run dev that’s when I get the issue

@chungwu Hey, I am getting similar error. Running dev server console is clear, I see it only on production build:

main-613e2b58e696e9e0.js:1 Error: PLASMIC: Failed to load render__V1kcI3eaVg.js: Error: Unknown module chunk-NQ3FD6T6.js
    at Registry.load (539-cbaeefa137e9e569.js:1:9121)
    at r3.getComponent (539-cbaeefa137e9e569.js:24:28813)
    at nv (539-cbaeefa137e9e569.js:27:9627)
    at nb (539-cbaeefa137e9e569.js:27:10227)
    at lk (framework-d91de5ee777f3fbe.js:25:60901)
    at i (framework-d91de5ee777f3fbe.js:25:119422)
    at uD (framework-d91de5ee777f3fbe.js:25:99075)
    at framework-d91de5ee777f3fbe.js:25:94124
    at ux (framework-d91de5ee777f3fbe.js:25:94131)
    at x (framework-d91de5ee777f3fbe.js:57:1364)

Can you take a look at it? next version: 13.5.5, @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs: ^1.0.361, project id: cLVv8FKY8Hkdifi3G7BEV7

Thank you very much!

Hey, I have fixed this issue by downgrading the next version to 13.5.1 and @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs to 1.0.299. I noticed I’m encountering the same error with next 14.1.0 version as well. Is Plasmic compatible with v14 or not yet?