Set up multiple subdomains in Plasmic.

I need to set up a series of subdomains for a restaurant chain. Effectively I will have,, and so on.

Each site will share layout and be populated through CMS content (some content will be global, some will be specific to subdomains) some venues may also have differing colour schemes so that will need to change too.

How can I go about setting up multiple subdomains for a single site in Plasmic and most importantly, how do I get CMS content to filter according to subdomain? Of course I can filter via slug etc but unsure how to ensure the venue-specific info is filtered.

You’ll need to dive into the code for this

You should be able to wrap a DataProvider context around your PlasmicCanvasHost and your catch-all pages. This can provide some named value, for instance let’s call it domain. Then you can pass this value using dynamic values into your CMS fetcher

Your catch all pages we just need to provide the appropriate value for domain based on where it is being deployed/requested, which you should be able to read from within get server-side props

Or if you are performing static builds, then you would be generating different sites up front and so you can provide that as an environment variable configuration that is similarly then passed to the Dataprovider