Setting base font size on Plasmic.

Hi, how do I set the base font size on plasmic? Seems like it is “usually” 16px and I would like to have it set to 17, I also want to use “rem” for changing it in other parts because I’m now using “px” and my concern is that it won’t be the same for different screen size to physical dimensions ratios.

Hi Gabrielle, you can set default styles in the left sidebar here. You can also specify the units by just writing it in as desired (e.g. 1rem).

I tried setting the base font size as 0.94em (changing it to 1em on screen breakpoint variant) and I’ve set a custom text element to 2rem but I don’t get it to scale with the base font size, my guess is that it’s not setting it on the global html selector in css. I’ve made up an example on codepen of the expected behaviour. Is there something I’m missing?

that’s right, the base font size isn’t set on html element (since Plasmic doesn’t have control over your html element), so rem doesn’t target the base font size. If you want to use rem, you’ll have to set the root font size from your own css