Setting up webhook with user-entered inputs

I’m trying to setup a webhook in plasmic to trigger a CI/CD pipeline in GitLab. Is there any way to reference the description & tags that a user entered in the “save a new version” section of the publish dialog as variables to send as part of a POST request when setting up the webhook?

My thinking is I’d like to use the “description” field that the user enters in plasmic as the description of the change that shows in GitLab. And I’d like to use the “tags” field to decide if this publish should only go to staging envrionment or all the way to prod environment in Gitlab.

so I was thinking my payload in the plasmic webhook would be something like:

  "description" :  $description,
  "tags" : $tags

But I don’t know how to reference the description and tags that the user has entered.

not at the moment :pensive:

gotcha. thanks for the response!