Slider and Ant Collapse are not working

I have a new build where the slider and antd collapse panel do not function. Is this a bug?

For collapse, it’s because antd requires that the collapse panels be immediate children of collapse, so you can’t have the intervening vertical stack there

I’m still digging into the Slider; oddly enough it works if Center Mode is toggled on

@chungwu thanks, that resolved the antd collapse. The slider behaves strangely in the editor, hopefully an obvious issue.

I’m not sure why, but… if I create a new Slider, and I copy and paste the same cards into it, that one works… :thinking_face:

Ah ok, I’m sorry I didnt think to try that, I will do that then

really you shouldn’t have to think to try that :grimacing:

Hey Chung, I think the Slider issue is still a thing

I have a Slider on mobile that was working and disappeared when working on it. If I add a fresh Slider to the canvas it still displays empty.

@chungwu Just some further info, I’ve gone into another build to edit and the Slider is broken here also:

Should be fixed now!