Sliders are broken across all projects

I’m finding all Sliders are broken across all my projects

The same here :eyes:

Did they break recently? Can you share a project ID with the issue?

It stopped working this morning for us. Project ID: bKSqHJEnCxnfGpxJDqTALT . Thanks!

For me it was on this build around 2 hours ago

There is a slider displaying as empty on mobile.

If I check other projects they are either broken in layout or display empty

Hmmm, in both projects the sliders are working in preview mode (and in generated apps) but not on studio canvas. Is that correct?

That seems to be correct yes

Thank you for reporting it! I was able to reproduce the bug in an empty project. We will work to provide a fix. Meanwhile, sliders should be working in the live sites although not in Plasmic studio.

Also running into this issue where the slider shows up blank in studio, and only shows during preview. I’ve also tested on live site and shows up blank.

(this should be fixed now)

@chungwu I noticed its fixed in the studio and preview now. But on the live app, its not working. I tried adding a new slider without editing it to see if it works but shows blank.

hmm I can’t reproduce this; can you point me to where I can take a look?

project file or live site?