Slow search input on an iPhone

Hey, guys! Here I am once again :sweat_smile:
I’m experiencing some slowness issues when using a search input on an Iphone.
Can somebody help me with that?

Hi @recent_quelea, can you be more specific about what that means—what is the issue you are seeing? What search input is this, is this something you created?

We’ve created a new input by using the same structure as your interactive TextInput component.

The problem is that when we try to use it on Safari desktop and mobile, the input gets our page slower than in other browsers.

We think that it could be something related to plasmic support on Safari or our API request for dynamic content.

@miniature_horse Got it - would you mind sharing a small reproducible GitHub repo that can help us debug this?

Absolutely. I believe you guys have access to this repository We’re currently not rendering the said component at all because of this problem.

You can reproduce the error by enabling the component named HomeSearchInput and trying to type something using an iphone.

Soo, we’re investigating on our side, and apparantly, the whole page seens to struggle to load when we make any request to an API.
But again, this only happens when using an Iphone.