Slow variant loading with Plasmic Studio

Hello! :wave: I want to implement A/B testing for our app and am creating different global variants to achieve this. However, a problem arises: Plasmic Studio with enterprise plan loads variants very slowly and sometimes even crashes completely. Our stakeholders are happy with Plasmic’s functionality but cannot use it effectively because loading variants is really slow. I am using SSR on a Next.js application, and my plasmic-init is quite small, with only 5 components and one global context. Is there a way to optimize Plasmic Studio to load variants more quickly? Alternatively, if the issue lies on our end, do you have any tips on where to look for the problem?:pray:

Hmm what do you mean by loading variants is very slow?

I think it is problems with our /plasmic-host on datadog errors I see 404 errors, and in plasmic studio console I see 404 from 3rd party scripts (GTM). I am trying turnoff GTM if router path is /plasmic-host

ah I see; could you point me to the project?