Some feedback and ideas for Plasmic

Hi y’all! New to Plasmic and enjoying the workflow so far. I created the project, deployed to Github, and later on connected Vercel with Github, so everytime I send a commit either directly to the repo or from the Visual Editor I got a rebuild :slightly_smiling_face:

I found some limitations either way:
• Color property on text elements don’t support modern CSS like liner-gradients or hsl. I though if I used the HTML attribute to override the style property it was going to work, but no, I image this is associated on how Plasmic process the CSS. Understanding how the internal works will be great!
• Also, as a user of Tailwind, I really like to compose css with classnames, because its easier to do and test at the same time. One cool thing that I like from Tailwind as well is that you have the default configuration for the theme like colors fonts and others. I didn’t found a way to do the same in Plasmic unless I modified everything from the UI. It will be amazing to have a JSON config for setting all that up.
• Finally, not sure if any part of the codegen is open source or if there is a way to contribute with. So far the packages (loaders, examples, etc) are available, but some interesting parts like making more complex integrations depend on how things run in the background, in particular how CSS is processed, and how some components need to be defined in the code to be really composable within Plasmic

hmmm I’m not aware that you can specify a gradient for the color property. To do gradient text, you can 1) set color to transparent, 2) add a background layer with the gradient, and set it to “clip to text”… :grimacing:

You could still use tailwind css classes if you set up a custom app host that has those css classes defined… but then you don’t get to use the styling controls that Plasmic provides. There’s no way to bulk import token values into the studio yet

Thanks @chungwu