Something strange happening with Style Tokens and Ant Design components

Something goofy is going on with Style Tokens and Ant Design components over the past few days.

For example, if I use a Style Token as the background color on the Antd Switch, it doesn’t work. But, when I delete the Style Token, and just use a hex value, it appears to work.

There’s also an issue with the Antd Select component.

It’s been working without issue. There appears to be some new antd class named :where(.css-dev-only-do-not-override-26rdvq).ant-select-single.ant-select-lg .ant-select-selector that’s overriding the properties defined within Studio.

Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 10.30.44 AM.png

Hi! It looks like you are using antd5 instead of antd4. We mistakenly added antd5 as a dependency to @plasmicpkgs/antd, which is probably why. We’re pushing out an updated package, but meanwhile you can also pin your antd dependency to ^4 instead

@chungwu FYI - I downgraded to "antd": "^4.24.5" locally, and everything is working as intended. Thank you.