Stack children elements are array of component type where count and component properties are set by array property

I am trying to create a component that has a single horizontal stack in it. I want the elements/children in that stack to be dynamic. The component that has the stack in it has a single property, myChildren, that has objects in it, each of which has name and imageUrl keys. I want the child elements to be all the same type of component, and the count to be the size of the myChildren array. Each child component has the properties name and imageUrl. I want to fill those in with the values from the objects in the myChildren array.

I’ve tried to turn the children of the stack into a slot target. But I can’t figure out how to map the myChildren property to the “children” slot.

Pasting response from Slack:

I think you want to do something like this, where you are repeating some child component once for each element in $props.myChildren: Dynamic values | Learn Plasmic