Stacks not working in tutorials.

Overall enjoying plasmic but seems to notice some bugs in the plasmic levels tutorials as mentioned above and again in Advance L6 where the stacks don’t work as they’re supposed to. Dragged around the icons but still show up as above. Resized to fit and checked hierarchy they are inside and did layout center on properties panel but nothing is happening. Not sure if im missing an instruction or the feature isn’t fully working.

I noticed the same thing. Switching to another flex direction and back worked to reset to the correct width and height :smile:

Thanks for the report @bodacious_snipe! Will be taking a look at this soon.

I tried but didn’t work for me. Now I’m having this issue

Tried to switch to vertical stack and it’s still not doing anything. Any way to fix this since I need it for my button component

The SVG should be in the stack but it’s not. However the row gap seems to be working. EDIT : it worked after switching to free and back.