State variable not showing even after allowing external access

Hey, i was trying to make a text input bar that takes the text value from a component, have already read the docs about the state variables so just trying it out, but even after toggling the external access i cant find the state variable through the components page. can anyone tell what am i doing wrong ?

for reference, see the images in sequence…

On a side note, i know it can be done easily by not making that selectable box a component but then i want it to change its border color on selection and moreover, i dont even know what to write in javascript to update the textbox state value… so do also help me that… :slightly_smiling_face:

That selectable box could be instantiated anywhere, including on pages where there is no textbox value, so you can’t directly try to set that. Your should only see listed the state variables that are defined within the selectable box component.

However, you can right click the interaction and link it to a prop on the selectable box. That means any instance of selectable box can now specify an interaction (from outside the component).

See Mr biscuit’s tutorial which is a great dive into this: Plasmic States and Interactives - YouTube

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Yea! that’s the kind of tutorial i was looking for.

Thanks for the help, that video was super helpful, it clears most of my confusions. And, even though it may seems basics but i think this should included in the docs, for the beginners like me :smiley: