Statistics on Gatsby and Docusaurus compatability with Plasmic

Question for the Plasmic team; I’m curious if you have any stats on how many projects are built using all of the different frameworks; specifically Gatsby and if as long as you’ve offered Gatsby, if it has dwindled at all…

Also, how new is Remix? I just only noticed it tonight, but I’ve been interested in trying it out :slightly_smiling_face:

And I’m curious how compatible Docusaurus is with Plasmic

For what its worth. We used Plasmic/Gatsby but will be returning to Plasmic/Nextjs/Vercel as it is not support as well.

thats helpful to know :slightly_smiling_face:

I was noticing w/i the Plasmic app that that different templates are available depending on whether you start with a website or app starter; so I was curious if it’d make practical sense if you were just deploying a website to start with Gatsby or Docusaurus and if you were deploying an App going with Next.js or Remix

And if since there are different template sets available, if theres an opinion recommendation on Single Page Applications and Plasmic recommends having a landing page in a different project than the App

Would like to hear what Plasmic says about this.

We don’t have stats like this but nextjs definitely dominates; I’d say vast majority of our users use Plasmic with Next.js

@chungwu coming back to this because I’m generally curious if its possible to use Plasmic to create a Docusaurus site or if thats been tried or test before