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What are you trying to do?
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In a recent forum post , I asked about dynamic values for buttons, and another problem we’ve been having is to find the best structure for our item’s “Description Page”, since we’re stuck on a rut when it comes to it.

We’re currently having problems to display the correct page with said dynamic values after button interaction, were it shows a “Page Navigation Disabled” error, even though we’d be navigating to an internal page.¹

For us, this could all be solved by fixing the button mentioned earlier on, but that’d be an outsider’s perspective on the situation, and we’re not 100% certain of it.

What have you tried so far?
Currently, we’re using a ‘Contentful Fetcher’ to gather the object data, since we’re having a few problems with the button that’s supposed to send such info over (explained on the forum post mentioned above), and getting the first instance of said API call to display the infos needed.²

We can see how that could be a bit redundant code-wise, and not really fail-safe, but that’s the main idea we were following.

We’re still very much beginners when it comes to Plasmic as a whole, so if you have any guidance to give us, it mean the world to us to be able to learn more about the plataform!

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1: Page navigation post & screenshot


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The “Page navigation disabled” popup is only shown in the preview. In your real website, it will navigate to the URL shown in the popup.