Styles lost when using Ant Design Slider

Hey there, I’m having an issue while trying to style the Rail, Track or Handle classNames of the Ant Design Slider. In the editor or while using the component via loader everything works, but when I switch to codegen those styles get lost.

First pic is from the studio (what should be the styles I applied)
Second pic is from codegen (styles get lost)


I find strange that on codegen the classnames are passed as props, but there is no occurence of those classnames in the css file

On the second pic ^ you can see the styles I pass from plsmic studio are saved correctly in the css file, but the className is wrong

Exploring the component registration file, i have found this selector. It starts with :slider which I guess is a custom CSS pseudo class made for the slider.

In the past I had a similar problem with a code component I made, which I don’t fully recall, but I ended up editing the selector by putting at the beginning “:component :self”

I can’t test this workaround because plasmic studio doesn’t use my local component registration file for this library

Hi @observant_marlin! Thank you for the super detailed bug report! We are looking into it!

it should be fixed now!