Styles not rendering correctly in Plasmic Editor.

The plasmic editor recently stopped rendering styles correctly for some elements (first screenshot is what it looks like in Plasmic Editor, second screenshot in preview mode). Is there a way to fix this?

Editing the styles in the plasmic editor does not visually update them there, but it updates correctly in the preview.
Seems like it only happens in sections that are NOT part of a component.

Also, the text cannot be edited properly inside of plasmic in these sections. It’s bugging out.

I found the bug: It happens when the element is inside a Plasmic Reveal element. It takes on the style of the Reveal parent, not the styling of the child inside the Slot. At least in the Plasmic editor.

could you link me please?

hmm looks like the Reveal is unsetting the class name of the wrapped text element on the canvas… not sure why yet, but a quick work around is to wrap the text in a container

Ok, thanks for the work around. I’ll do this for now