Substituting a block for an Ant button results in different size

Hello, I am using code substitution and want to replace a block with an AntD button.
I find out that the replaced button has different width and height from the block. (I want the block to wrap button and look the same as the design)
Is there a solution to solve this problem?

How are you performing the substitution? Are you forwarding the className appropriately?

(BTW, in case you’re not aware, for Ant buttons specifically, you can drag and drop these from the component store)

Will Plasmic support all the components from Antd using drap and drop?

We are adding more, yes - though we are prioritizing the interactive components first (as opposed to the ones like Card that you can re-create in Plasmic)

It sounds like a low code AntD builder.

What about other package, is there a way to import and easily use them in Plasmic studio?

Alibaba has already released their low code platform called Yida which is built-in AntD and support all AntD widgets.