Suddenly getting error rendedring PlasmicComponent

Recently started getting an error out of nowhere when trying to render something simple like <PlasmicComponent component="Product Card" />

This card renders fine in the API explorer with the same code above. And I’ve double checked that it exists in plasmicComponents passed to the Provider. We haven’t changed the name or any logic here, but it was rendering fine a few hours ago.

By reverting to previous versions we found that installing the CMS results in the crash.

There is no option to uninstall the CMS Data Loader

Even if I remove all traces of the CMS and delete the CMS in the team folder, I still see that it’s installed here and we get the crash that Joe mentioned above

@yang is there any way for you to uninstall the CMS on your end? I would prefer that rather than going to a previous version since I did several hours of work after trying out the CMS yesterday. Note, that none of our components use the CMS

I figured out how to remove it, from the project import settings. You guys may want to consider adding an easy way to uninstall from the same spot that the user installs the cms pictured above

Thanks for the feedback! Makes sense. Glad you found it for now