Suggesting future "contexts" in Plasmic UI.

Any future idea for “contexts” that could be defined and used through Plasmic UI in the future?

They would allow for parent and deep children components to “speak” with each other, without having to wire up everything with props (or a custom code component that uses context under the hood).

Such a thing could maybe make it possible to define things such as:
• custom tables
• accordions
• “smarter” page components (e.g. a “Cart” context - components throughout the page could let you add items to that cart)

For example, I could have a “Table” component that provides a “Table” context, e.g. with a definition how table columns look like.

Then, I could have “TableRow” and/or TableCell components, which I’d put by myself inside the Table component through a content slot

yet, it would somehow be automatically wired up with the table it’s placed in, without having me to pass props there-and-back

You can already achieve this by inserting a Data Provider component. This lets you make any data available the context, so that any components further down can read from this.

Interesting. I’ll try using that. Thanks!