Supabase connection error: "connect ENETUNREACH (...)"

today I’ve launched my project after few days break and my Supabase integration stopped working. I think it’s worth to note that I haven’t done any configuration changes of Supabase project nor I changed any integration setting on Plasmic side. Anyways, I get the following error:

error: Object
statusCode: 400
message: "connect ENETUNREACH 2a05:d014:1c06:5f03:4d7f:9e48:8dd5:9c2e:5432 - Local (:::0)"

Suspect issue was on Supabase side.

My integrations were affected in same way. I resolved by updating my integration host and user name, these details had both been changed in supabase after reported slowness at their end.

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updating the host and the user solved the issue.