Supabase integrations not available on Plasmic

Regarding the Supabase integration, I’ve watched this video a few times and it mentions that supabase has auth and data integrations available on plasmic. I don’t see that integration under cms…

Also, I’m unsure if the plasmic team knows this but all the integrations that i clicked on under the integrations page of the public website point to the domain for some reason :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

this is some good instructions on integrating supabase and plasmic together

and as far as the auth if you want to use Supabase’s auth; then you’d follow through on the custom auth integration

Thanks! :sweat_smile:

Thanks @alyssa_feola! That page on the SB website is a bit out of date, but we will be working with them to get it updated! We just finished a new version of that documentation that doesn’t rely on custom code components to achieve querying from sb.

Hi @designer_minnow, which video are you referring to? You can find Supabase when you add a data query to your page, in the Page Data tab on the right sidebar.

@yang I’m referring to the 1.5minute video and its silent equivalent that @alyssa_feola shared (thanks Alyssa).

Ok I see where to find it now. Can you please confirm if supabase can be used with a staticly generated website on plasmic (vs a dynamic app)?

Some more docs on this would be great btw! :slight_smile:

Yes! The data queries all support execution during pre-rendering, so they support static and server-side rendering as well as browser side rendering.

Here are some relevant doc’s pages on data integrations, but we are always busy adding more, so keep letting me know what you’re interested in seeing:

Alright! Appreciated the guidance Yang :slightly_smiling_face: