Support overriding Plasmic built-in default styling

Default Styling: Some Plasmic elements (stacks, headings and text) have built in default styling that causes weirdness when dealing with precise positioning. For example:

Stacks have an 8px padding built in that I am constantly having to turn off for my particular needs. When you miss one, everything ends up misaligned.

Headings and text have a default max-width of 800px which also causes sneaky problems - it might look normal at a small screen but cause misaligned displays on larger resolutions.

It would be really good if default styling could be changed or controlled by the user (e.g. Utilising default styles). I feel like I should be able to change or turn these off entirely at a global level!

+1 for me, I’m resetting stack’s padding, texts’ max-width and headings letter-spacing every time :wink: