Support registering logic to Plasmic-designed components

Hello Plasmicians :smile:,
I don’t know if you have tried something like this or if it has any performance issues or not ( Plasmic team can confirm ) but you can register a component that is designed in Plasmic and synced using CodeGen.

  1. Design component A in Plasmic Studio
  2. Sync it in your codebase using CodeGen
  3. Register it by adding extra functionality to it
  4. Registered component is now available in studio with added business logic and its design is coming from the Plasmic Studio component.
    LOL So much fun. Plasmic :heart:
    I just created a FormWizard Code Component with custom functionality by designing the same FormWizard in the Studio :partying_face::exploding_head:

If you are new to Plasmic, just ignore this post :joy:

I hope we can make this easier to do (without the weird intervening codegen step, which means these registered components can drift from the “dumb” designs in the project). It is a powerful combination…

That would be an extremely powerful and productive stuff.