SVG clickable prop not working correctly.

I’m following through the todoApp video and seem to have come across a change from when the version was originally created until now and I’m not sure what the work around is…

The steps in the video are (starting at 4:08):
• click on SVG
• Under settings tab, click on interactions
• Select the ‘On click’ interaction; keep the defaults
• right click and click "link to a prop for component componentName
◦ create new prop
:black_small_square:︎ Set Name
In the video, the prop’s default value is Event Handler and in my interface, I’m seeing Function

After going through the video a few times, I’m pretty sure this difference is what is causing a problem down the line that I’m not able to finish the step to make the svg clickable to change the value.

Specifically, once it gets to 11:19 in the video, the option modify the interaction with OnItemClick and to have the CurrentItem as an option is not there

I think the onItemClick is a prop that was added earlier in the video, at around 4:25

I am back to doing the tutorial and I see the onItemClick; that isn’t the problem … just when I go to set the variable I am not seeing “currentItem” to then go in and select the completed field.

the first image is what the presenter sees; and the second image is what i’m seeing

So I feel lost on how to make the item clickable at the moment

@verbal_sparrow do you know what I might be doing wrong? I’ve gone through the video a few times and every time get stuck at that point

Hi, you’re right, the “event handler” is now “function” but it still functions the same

I tried it again, it still works the same

ok, i’ll do it again and see where I missed it! thanks for checking

gargh; did it another time and still can’t seem to see the currentItem when it gets to 11:27

I’m still not able to go through this; whenever I try to add the interaction for onItemClick and select the data for the state, I am not seeing currentItems to select from