Syncing custom changes into Plasmic

Hey all. Have a quick query please. I am pushing my plasmic project code into Github and then making my own custom changes on that repository. When I publish a new PlasmicUI version I’ve noticed it’ll delete the custom changes and only retain the code generated from Plasmic. Is there a way to sync a Github repository which contains custom changes back into Plasmic so that Plasmic won’t overwrite it when I publish the next version?

my understanding of what where you’re at:
You created a project in Plasmic. From the project, you published to GitHub and created a new repository. From GitHub, you downloaded the code to local.

Now that you’ve done that; you’d like to edit the Plasmic project and sync your project.

It sounds like you haven’t initialized the CLI locally for CodeGen

Yes, that is all correct and thank you @alyssa_feola - this sounds like what I’m looking for

plasmic sync Syncs designs from Plasmic to local files

This still seems to be only syncing one way
PlasmicUI => Local dev branch

I’m looking for a way to sync
Local dev branch => PlasmicUI

Wondering if there is any inbuilt tool for this? CLI doesn’t appear to support this.

ya, from what I’ve seen, if you already have a UI, there isn’t a way to sync that into Plasmic; there is a Figma export; and depending on the build; if you already have the components already built; it isn’t that hard to reassmble them into Plasmic once you get the hang of it

Thanks @alyssa_feola

I was thinking about it afterwards; and you might want to check out (especially the video) and it might get you what you’re looking for as well