Syncing to new Plasmic branch

Assuming I have branching:

How can I have a plasmic sync run to that new branch on local?
I do not want to sync to with everyones changes in my dev environment, I want to only sync my changes on my newly created plasmic branch.

I am using plasmic codegen and NOT the loader.
Ideally something like this:
plasmic sync -p PROJECT_ID -branch the_new_plasmic_branch


Hi @dizzying_guppy, the syntax will likely look a little bit different and will reference the branch using the version specifier after the project ID like projectid@branch. But we will provide the full documentation once this is GA

Gotcha… is there a very rough ETA on this?
We are looking to use Plasmic as our solution but strongly desire this…

Yes, we are aiming for this quarter, basically in the next 2 months

Perfect, that should work out for us.
Appreciate the answers