Table object. Ordering of columns.

What are you trying to do? (please be as specific as possible and include relevant screenshots, code snippets, and reproduction steps)

I have a flexible table that has a set of pre-defined columns, and a set of columns that users can add. The number of the latter is unpredictable.

I want to render the table using Table component. However, I have certain requirements for the order in which the columns appear. Because some columns and their names are user-defined I can’t just use the ordering feature in plasmic UI by dragging columns around in the Fields section.

What have you tried so far? (please link relevant docs and other forum posts)

I have written code that ensures that the underlying object has the fields in the desired order

However, the table component seems to be ignoring that order upon refresh

What logic does the table component use to sort fields? Is there a way to ensure a specific order without dragging fields in UI (not an option for me because of the dynamic structure of the underlying data)?

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