Timeline and other animations in Plasmic

are there any plans to eventually incorporate something like Theatre.Js (timeline animation) into plasmic? https://www.theatrejs.com/

i’m pushing my team to use plasmic on their next project. we’re a creative agency and have very complex animations on almost all of our projects. we usually program our animations using GSAP. we can definitely wire up GSAP to our Plasmic components, but to let our motion team have access to an animation timeline within Plasmic would be priceless.

Hi @empirical_toucan! We are extremely interested in adding more animation features into Plasmic. No timeline (har) on that yet, however—just want to be transparent on expectations that we’re only in the early design phases for this!

ok cool! i’m honestly just glad to hear it’s being worked on. it would potentially be a killer feature for my team, and i imagine others that just need a little more nuance when doing fancy animations. we build a lot of our tooling, and theatre.js was very interesting.

will probably eventually wire it up to our plasmic components and see how it goes. looking forward to hearing about progress on animation in the future.

If you manage to cook up anything with code components + theatre.js, we’d love to look! We have some code components working with other animation libraries that we hope to share soon too.

That would be hella cool!

Also looking forward to more animation features :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive managed to do some fun stuff with Lotties and Plasmic recently! Just for more basic website animation tho, I will start looking into a Three.js / Theatre.js integration soon!

Joe, can you show us what your did with Lottie? I would love to see!

I wasn’t planning on showing it off but give me a day or so to clean it up so its easy to understand and ill drop the code and a readme into a dropbox!


awesome! looking forward to checking it out