Token Replacement UI Indication & Memory

When you’ve imported a project and it has tokens, if you duplicate the component, the component uses the imported package’s tokens (great, awesome :slight_smile: ) now, you’re able to go to the component and “replace all instances of this with another token” (woo hoo!) … the only downside to this is that in the UI, it would be a step up to indicate that the original token has been replaced with something else

What I’m looking for here in the long run, is that if I Import a Project, Duplicate a Component, and then replace some tokens, if that component gets updated in the main project and then I update the Import, it’s hard to go back and know what tokens were replaced in the first place to benefit from using the updated component while also maintaining the integrity of the changes that had been done.

For instance, if I updated a component without making any replacements, I would feel find renaming the current component to “component backup” and then duplicating the component from imported project, and then going to “component backup” and replacing all instances of it with the new component.

This is all in design/development stages and I haven’t worked this process out in production yet, but I’m getting close. I have a feeling that doing the component replacement will have its own faults if the projects that it gets inherited into are going by UUID and not the component name; so I’m thinking for the use-case that I’m intending of always having an update to date starter; and the limitation for the component to stay consistent throughout is less important is a good start.

I’m just trying to think through how I’m going to maintain the starter when the underlining components change and I’ve replaced some tokens in some areas and keeping track of those changes without having to do a ton of rework each time.