"Too many redirects on localhost"

I’m getting “localhost redirected you too many times.” on a project using app-host url configured for “localhost:3000/plasmic-host”. Project ID: xwCKThtqzMdeR2bpew1twn

This may be related to trailingSlash setting in nextjs leading to redirects that get cached by the browser - if you were recently alternating between values or between apps with different values for this: https://nextjs.org/docs/pages/api-reference/next-config-js/trailingSlash

Are you able to try seeing what the redirects are?

seems to be alternating now with the slashes

I tried setting it to false/true, doesn’t seem to fix the redirects.

I think you need to purge this from the browser’s cache somehow, does a hard refresh (cmd+shift+r) while directly on localhost:3000 as well as from within Plasmic Studio work?

I’ve tried cmd+shift+r and cleared site data via Chrome dev tools. Doesn’t seem to do the trick, but I switched to Brave just now and that works. I’ll continue using Brave for now.

Does this work for you? https://softkube.com/blog/how-make-google-chrome-forget-permanent-http-301-redirect

Or: https://superuser.com/questions/304589/how-can-i-make-chrome-stop-caching-redirects

Yes! This works. Thanks.